2017 Laws of the Game

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2017 Laws of the Game

Source: CMSA


The FIFA Laws of the Game have undergone significant changes for 2017

Canada Soccer has distributed the information to the provinces and Alberta Soccer will be requiring all game officials to attend in-service sessions on the new Laws as part of their 2017 Registration Process.

Note – these changes are NOT in effect for the current indoor season, and will be reviewed for possible implementation in the 2017-18 indoor season.

A summary of the Law Changes as well as the 2017 Laws of the Game can be found HERE.

Changes to note:

The are many changes to the Laws of the Game in 2017. In particular, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

Law 4 – The Players Equipment

  • Socks – tape or any material applied or worn externally must be the same color as the part of the sock that it is applied to or covers.

Law 5 – The Referee

  • A player who is injured as a result of a physical offence for which the opponent is cautioned or sent off (e.g. reckless or excessive force challenge) may be assessed / treated on the field, provided that it is completed quickly.

Law 8 – The Start and Restart of Play

  • All restarts are now included in Law 8. Previously only Kick Off and Dropped Ball were mentioned.
  • The ball must clearly move to be in play for all restarts, plus some specific requirements for certain restarts.
  • The ball can be kicked in any direction on a Kick Off.

Law 11 – Offside

  • The free kick for an offside offence is always taken where the offence occurs. This could be in a player’s own half in some cases.

Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct

  • Attempted violent conduct will result in a red card, regardless of whether contact is made or not.
  • Deliberately striking on the head/face when not challenging for the ball will result in a red card, unless the force used was negligible.
  • Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity could result in a yellow or red card, depending on the nature and location of the offence.
  • Fouls that occur off the field of play are treated as part of normal play in relation to sanctions and restarts.

For any questions, please contact:
David O’Neillrefs@albertasoccer.com
Alberta Soccer Referee Development Officer.

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