Author: John Shiells

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We are not just coaches, we are life skills teachers.

There is a more important role coaches have that goes above and beyond directing herds of children around a soccer pitch and how to toe hack a ball properly.  As coaches, we are not just here to teach soccer skills but we are also role models, leaders, and teachers of of many other life skills…
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Why Your Player’s Talent Is Irrelevant

Source: Original Author: Todd Beane   Was Leo Messi born a star? Is talent innate or acquired? While we may find the nature vs. nurture debate interesting it is completely irrelevant to us as coaches. A player will show up for training on day one and that is where we begin. Our day one with…
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Lack of sport participants in northeast Calgary ‘shocking’

Source: Metro By: Jeremy Nolais Metro, Metro Published on Tue Sep 23 2014 Steep costs, a lack of facilities and fewer options for new-to-Canada residents are being cited as among the reasons behind what a new report has labelled as a “distinctive lack” of sport participants in northeast Calgary. A survey of 1,000 households conducted…
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BU16 -IV Eagles win Gold at provincials

Play-off Recap First game we played St. Albert, and won 2-1.  They were a very fast, well-controlled and skilled team. Second game we played the SWU Spurs, the team WE sent to provincials in indoor, because we lost our one and only game of the season by ONE point, against MSB.  If we’d only even tied that…
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Cari-Lynn Gaulton

Check out the NEW memorial at the Bottomlands soccer pitch (just off Deerfoot trail on St. Georges drive and 8th ave N.E.) to honor Cari-Lynn Gaulton, a very special soccer player.  Thank You to those who participated in fund raising and all who attended the unveiling.  AND… Both Renfrew and Crossroads community hall’s boast a…
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