BU16 -IV Eagles win Gold at provincials

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BU16 -IV Eagles win Gold at provincials

Play-off Recap

First game we played St. Albert, and won 2-1.  They were a very fast, well-controlled and skilled team.

Second game we played the SWU Spurs, the team WE sent to provincials in indoor, because we lost our one and only game of the season by ONE point, against MSB.  If we’d only even tied that game, we would have gone on to provincials in indoor.  We remembered that feeling.  We had tied the Spurs in outdoor, but beat them 3-0 in indoor, so we were out to prove something.  The game was intense.  Stride by stride, every play was battled out to the end.  With the Spurs calling out for injury time, numerous Deerfoot players were taken down.  Michael’s hit from the Spurs player was heard across the field, but after lying on the ground for a few seconds, he got up with fire and fury in his eyes.  No penalty called.  Unbelievable.  The SWU player was heard to say “If you can’t take a hit like that, you shouldn’t be playing soccer”.  We crushed the Spurs, 1-0, and the team erupted in cheers, yells and hugs, jumping up and down together.  Nothing was as sweet as that victory…nothing.

Sunday we struggled against Canmore, and were down 2-1 at half-time.  The kids said to each other that we had to remain positive and turn things around.  Which they did, and beat Canmore 5-2.  The Canmore coach gave the boys an incredible compliment afterwards, and said Deerfoot was a pleasure to play, and played a very clean game.  Classy compliment, boys, classy.

Final game was against Edmonton, the MW Selects.   Both teams were sore and hurting by then.  We had players with taped up ankles, calves, thighs; icy patches were glued on everywhere.  It was 5-0 at half-time, and Deerfoot was told by the coaches that we could not score, unless the ball was passed AT LEAST 7 times, and kicked with the wrong foot.  Alas, this could not be tested, as the Edmonton team was too depleted and weakened to continued, and asked to end the game at half-time.

What a victory!  Four games, four wins, total points 12.  Spurs and and Edmonton were tied at 7 points apiece, and the Spurs HAD to win by at least 4 points in order to get silver.  Offence, defense, goal-keeping, ALL worked together to achieve this resounding victory.  Deerfoot Eagles, U-16 boys, we are all soooooooooo proud of you.

Pictures were taken after our last game, and even the MW Selects team we had just beaten got in net for a group picture with us.  Sure they had just lost, but there was no animosity.

The gold medals were presented, and the trophy presented to 2 of the longest playing Deerfoot players, Josh Nash, and Jason Kotlewski.  (Only 2 could accept the trophy, otherwise David Kotlewski would have been there too.)  Gord Reynard and Jerry Kotlewski received their ice/water showers for coaching their team to the Gold Medal Provincial Championship.

Deerfoot Eagles, the little team that could, and DID win the Gold Medals for Outdoor Provincials, 2009.

Deb Kotlewski


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