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ASA Grassroots Symposium

DATE Saturday, January 7, 2017ABOUT The Alberta Soccer Association is excited to provide you and your players with the exciting opportunity to participate in the ASA Grassroots Symposium. The Symposium will teach the Preferred Training Model which is promoted by FIFA, for grassroots soccer players. The aim is to provide a positive springboard from which…
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8 Coaching Mistakes I Wish I Never Made

Source: Changing the game project – by John O’Sullivan   In 2002, I received a phone call from Patrick, a former high school player I had coached. He had graduated college and was applying to medical school. “Coach,” he said, “I just wanted to let you know that I am studying for my medical…
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Four Words That Can Change the Culture of Youth Sports

Source: by John O’Sullivan If you have ever flown Southwest Airlines, you know that they do things a bit differently. If you ask an employee of the airline what that difference is, they will tell you one word: culture. The culture of Southwest is one they have worked very hard to cultivate, and every…
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The Rule of One: How One Person, One Comment, One Time Can Change a Life Forever

Source: by John O’Sullivan I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a junior in high school, and sat three rows back, middle row of my English literature class at St Anthony’s High School in New York. Brother Jeff, a Franciscan brother who was a pleasant combination strict and jovial, was my teacher.…
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Club Swag Available

Approved DUFC team wear is available at Fishers Soccer Shack Parents, family and friends can get their favorite DUFC clothing. Choose from a selection of track suits, jackets, shirts, hats and more. Visit the team ware information page  


Source: Author: Kevin Cave, JD Having participated in more than half a dozen different team sports for more than twenty years, I have witnessed and been the target of bullying in sports often. At times, the behavior of my teammates was mentally and emotionally harmful and detrimental to accomplishing team goals. In other cases,…
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Practices gyms policy

Rules for teams that are practicing at school gyms. Parents: PLEASE do NOT leave your child at the school until you have confirmed that the child’s coach or manager is present in the building. Parents and Coaches: Players and children are NOT to be running around the hallways or ever left unattended in the schools.…
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We are not just coaches, we are life skills teachers.

There is a more important role coaches have that goes above and beyond directing herds of children around a soccer pitch and how to toe hack a ball properly.  As coaches, we are not just here to teach soccer skills but we are also role models, leaders, and teachers of of many other life skills…
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Why Your Player’s Talent Is Irrelevant

Source: Original Author: Todd Beane   Was Leo Messi born a star? Is talent innate or acquired? While we may find the nature vs. nurture debate interesting it is completely irrelevant to us as coaches. A player will show up for training on day one and that is where we begin. Our day one with…
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