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CMSA 2016/17 Indoor honor roll posted

source: CMSA Congratulations to all teams for an outstanding season! Please see the Indoor Honour Roll page for a list of medal winners. Teams can send a representative to the CMSA office to pick up a set of medals for the team.  

The Way of the Champion

Source: Changing the game project – by John O’Sullivan All-American. World-champion. Greatest shooter on the planet. Most Valuable Player…twice. Yes, I am talking about Steph Curry, the all-world guard for the Golden State Warriors. These are the things we all say about him – we all know about him – when the lights are…
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Indoor 2017 Post Season Play

Source: CMSA The 2016/17 indoor season is coming to an end and over 250 teams will participate in post season competition February 27 – March 19. FUTSAL FINALS February 27 – March 2 U10 Tier A, U12-U18 Tier I –  56 teams total Schedules, standings and scores can be found at > Proceed to your…
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CMSA Memo on Mumps in Alberta

source: CMSA Due to recent concerns regarding outbreaks of the mumps virus across the country, CMSA is recommending against handshaking at the end of all CMSA games. It is suggested that teams line up facing each other and honor the other team with a clap or a cheer. March 2, 2017 Dear CMSA Soccer Community,…
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An Open Letter from the Back Seat

Source: Changing the game project – by John O’Sullivan   Dear Mom and Dad I wanted to start this letter by saying I love you, and I know you mean well. I appreciate all the time and energy you put into taking me to my games and practices, and I know you sacrifice a…
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The Unspoken Problem in Sports

Source: Changing the game project – by John O’Sullivan   (This week’s blog was written by Alecko Eskandarian (@alecko11), former US National Team player and current Assistant Coach of the NY Cosmos of the NASL. This article originally appeared 11/18/16 on the Players Tribune and they have graciously granted us permission to reprint it.…
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Shin pads now mandatory

Shin pads are MANDATORY and must be worn at all games and practices.  If Shin pads are not worn by the players they will NOT be allowed to take part in games and practices. Shin pads are available from all sports shops including Fisher’s Soccer Shack. for more information please view our equipment policy

Changing the Game in Youth Sports

We have a new page written that includes a video from the “Changing the game Project” It is well worth the 14 minutes it takes to watch, and could very well be one of the most important things you could do with your time today. Have a look by clicking the link below. Changing the…
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Why Kids Play Sports

Source: Changing the game project – by John O’Sullivan   “What do you think is going to change in the next ten years?” That is a question that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gets all the time. He thinks that is an interesting question, but not the best one people could ask. “I almost never…
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Indoor 2016/2017 Provincial Locations Announced

All division formats have been updated with provincial locations. You can also find a list of Indoor Provincial locations on the Alberta Soccer website.