Net safety reminder

source: CMSA

Please remember to anchor goals and do not hang on or swing from the nets.

Injuries are completely preventable if clubs, coaches, parents and players work together to ensure that goalposts are anchored to the ground and that at no time do individuals swing or hang from the nets.

A Global News story from Ontario reporting on a fatal incident where a goalpost fell on a player: CLICK HERE


Outdoor 2017 How-To Reschedule a Game

Source: CMSA

Rescheduling due to field closure/weather and other requests

How-to reschedule a game

Rescheduling due to Field Closure/Inclement Weather

Note: Artificial Turf fields are considered ‘all-weather’ and closure will be at the discretion of the referee.

Other Rescheduling Requests

  • STEP 1: If you require a game to be rescheduled due to travelling to a tournament or a special event, the requesting team must send an email to stating the reason for the reschedule.
  • STEP 2: if the request has been approved, review and complete the CMSA Game Rescheduling Form: Other.
  • STEP 3: Send the completed form to no later than THREE FULL BUSINESS DAYS prior to the original game date OR prior to the rescheduled game date (whichever comes first).
  • STEP 4: Once approved, teams will receive a game update email and the game will be changed on the CMSA website. It is NOT approved until the website has been updated.

Note: Requests due to player vacation, injury and/or coach availability will not be approved. 

The CMSA Rescheduling Procedure can also be found online, HERE. Should you have any questions regarding game rescheduling, please contact the CMSA Office.


Outdoor 2017 Regular Season start dates

Source: CMSA

U9 – U10
Seeding round ends Sunday, May 14
Regular season starts Tuesday, May 23
Schedules will be available online by Friday, May 19

U11 – U12
Seeding round ends Sunday, May 14
Regular season starts Tuesday, May 23
Schedules will be available online by Friday, May 19

U13 – U18
Preseason ends Thursday, May 18
Regular season starts Monday, May 29
Schedules will be available online by Friday, May 26

CLICK HERE for a complete program calendar.

Preseason and Seeding Round
Preseason allows for a transition from indoor to outdoor maximizing the amount of play-time for teams. Teams will participate in a 4-game preseason against competition registered in the same tier. During this time, clubs will use the results and feedback from their coaches to determine if the team has been placed in the correct tier. U11-U18 tiers 1-6 participate in preseason.

U9-U10 teams participate in a seeding round against teams registered in the same tier. Over the course of the seeding round, CMSA will use the results to ensure teams are placed with equally competitive teams for their regular season and city finals.

Regular Season
Regular season schedules are created once preseason and seeding round games have completed. This allows member-clubs the opportunity to move teams to a more appropriate tier based on their performance in the preseason. The regular season is comprised of a single round robin, double round robin or in some instances, a triple round robin if there is a small number of teams registered in that group. The results of regular season determine the final league placements and post-season competition placement.

Picture day for outdoor 2017 season

Good Afternoon DUFC Families,

This coming Saturday is Picture Day!

Our pictures will be held at Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre located @ 5600 Centre Street N between 10:30am-2:30pm. They will be taken in the old lobby which is where the arena is located, the sign above the door says 5600 room. If you don’t know your exact time please contact your coaches and manager.

We have requested a second day for those who can’t make it and if they are able to accommodate us we will advise the coaches.

Please have your players dressed in: black shorts, jersey, black socks and shoes.

The cost for the Team Pictures was included in your registration fees.

DUFC Team Pictures
Time Team
10:40 U4 Seahorses & Beavers
10:50 U4 Dolphins & Wolves
11:00 GU10 Silverfox
11:10 BU10 Magik
11:20 BU10 Mavericks
11:30 U8 Shockwave
11:40 U8 Speedballs
11:50 GU12 Mystique
12:00 GU16 Wildcats
12:10 BU12 Kraken
12:20 BU12 Titans
12:30 BU12 Surge
12:40 U6 Avengers & Aztecs
12:50 U8 Nova
1:00 U8 Nitro
1:10 U8 Stringrays
1:20 U6 Raiders & Hurricanes
1:30 BU16 Juventus
1:40 BU18 Atletico
1:50 GU14 Tigers
2:00 BU16 Eagles
2:10 BU18 Seagulls
2:20 BU14 Snipers

See you Saturday!

2017 Outdoor Coaches Meeting


Welcome to the 2017 outdoor season.

On Monday evening we will be holding an information session to start the season.

At this meeting we will cover some basic information to start the season, provide contact info, outline what support you will receive from the club and answer any questions you may have.

This meeting is for all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers.

We have revamped our program and we have some changes so it’s good to get feedback from the group. We want to make this what you want to see.

The meeting will be:

Monday 17th from 8-9pm @ Thornecliffe Greenview 5600 Centre St N.

I don’t want to say that the meeting is mandatory but with what we have presented in the past it will set you up for success.  Please make time in your schedule to attend.

If you need equipment for the Outdoor season please email Marlene at and please include your team age and name. Marlene will have the equipment ready for pick up on Monday at TG at this same time.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Cory Abel

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