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3 Questions That Turn Losing into Learning

Source: Changing the game project – by John O’Sullivan   “Do you want to win every game you play for the rest of your life?” That was a question that Olympic gold medalist and current USA Women’s Volleyball team head coach Karch Kiraly asked his team as they prepared for the 2014 World Championships.…
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Yes, I Do Play My Favorites

Source: Changing the game project – by John O’Sullivan (Article written by James Leath (@jamesleath)) “I am sick and tired of coaches playing favorites” a parent once told me at a speaking event. “A coach should be completely impartial. It teaches the wrong message when he or she only plays favorites. Am I right?”…
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Redefining Success: 8 Tips for Being a Great Sports Parent

Source: Changing the game project –   By James Leath “When did parenting get to be so stressful?” began a recent post on the Changing the Game Project Facebook page. “I worry that if I don’t provide them with the best equipment, or get them on the best team, or take them to every…
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An Open Letter to My Dad, who Makes Me Want to Quit Sports

Source: Changing the game project – by John O’Sullivan     Dear Dad, I was afraid to say this to your face after the game today, but I was thinking that maybe you could stop coming to my games for a while. It doesn’t seem that fun for you anyway, and I know it’s…
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The Rule of One: How One Person, One Comment, One Time Can Change a Life Forever

Source: by John O’Sullivan I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a junior in high school, and sat three rows back, middle row of my English literature class at St Anthony’s High School in New York. Brother Jeff, a Franciscan brother who was a pleasant combination strict and jovial, was my teacher.…
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Club Swag Available

Approved DUFC team wear is available at Fishers Soccer Shack Parents, family and friends can get their favorite DUFC clothing. Choose from a selection of track suits, jackets, shirts, hats and more. Visit the team ware information page  


Source: Author: Kevin Cave, JD Having participated in more than half a dozen different team sports for more than twenty years, I have witnessed and been the target of bullying in sports often. At times, the behavior of my teammates was mentally and emotionally harmful and detrimental to accomplishing team goals. In other cases,…
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Parents, we need your help

Hello Deerfoot United FC family. I am not sure if you are all aware or not, but Deerfoot United FC operates as a Non Profit Club. In these times, the subsidies that many of us are used to receiving are not coming through as they have in the past.  Both Jumpstart and Kidsport have lessened…
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