• Integrity – The coach must act with integrity in performing all duties owed to athletes, the sport, other members of the coaching profession, and the public.
  • Competence – The coach must strive to be well prepared and current so that all duties in the respective discipline are fulfilled with competence.
  • Athletes Interest – The coach must act in the best interest of the athlete’s development as a whole person.
  • Personal Conduct – The coach must maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and support the principles of fair play.
  • Respect for the Rules – The coach must accept both the letter and the spirit of the rules that define and govern the sport. Therefore the coach is responsible for reading and having knowledge of these same rules.
  • Respect for Officials – The coach must accept the role of the officials in providing judgment to ensure that competitions are conducted fairly and according to the established rules.


“We are not just coaches, we are life skills teachers.” ~ John Shiells

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