Keeper Glove Care

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Your DUFC gloves are a match level glove, designed with the input of some of the world’s leading goalkeepers .  These are not to be treated the same as the $10-$20 ADIDAS or NIKI Gloves that most of the youth these days are wearing.

The Gloves palm is made from a 3mm or 4mm German Latex/Rubber supersoft foam compound that has chemicals added to it that makes the glove bond to the ball when they are slightly damp.


Pre Wash:
Before match level gloves are shipped, they are sprayed with a chemical that prevents the gloves from bonding to itself.  For this reason it is necessary to pre wash your glove 1-2 times before first use.

In warm water, and NO SOAP, submerge the gloves in your sink and leave them there for 5 min.  then gently rub the palms of the glove, drain the water and repeat, then set out to air dry.

NEVER EVER dry your gloves using heat or set them out in direct sunlight.  Air dry only, palm up!

DO NOT let your keepers spit in the gloves.  Spit has bacteria in it and will stay between the layers in the palm, grow, rot, and eventually take part in the early decay of the glove causing the latex to separate from the glove.  If they need to be cleaned during game, do so by wiping them with a wet cloth.

Pre-game Wash:
                As stated above, these gloves have a chemical in them that reacts with water to help the latex foam bond to the ball.  24 hours before the game fill the sink with warm water and soak the gloves for about 5 min.  Let them air dry overnight.  in the mornng they should still be SLIGHTLY damp.  Put them back in the glove bag.  If you find they are slippery at game time due to being to wet, wash them 48 hours ahead instead of 24 hours and/or leave them out to dry a little longer.  The goal here is to not have them filled with water, but just slightly damp to the touch, almost to the point of being dry, just enough moisture so the chemical reaction takes place.

The rule with match gloves and water is:

To wet = slippery
To dry is ok, and better then too wet, but if they are complete dry and you add water they will become slippery because the water is not IN the latex, it is just sitting on top of the latex.
If you find you have not had time to do this pre-game wash process,  1 hour before the game starts very lightly spray water on the glove, let it sit for 15 min, then pat down with a towel.  This method is not as effective, but will get the job done in a rush situation, and if you are having a hard time finding the balance using the other method.

This is the most important part of glove care.  After every game it is critical to at least rinse the dirt out of the glove as soon as posiable.  dont leave them in a dirty state for a week!  Fill your sink with warm water, submerge the gloves and gently rub the dirt out of the palm with your fingers.  Empty sink and repeat until no more dirt is coming out of the gloves.  Then leave to air dry.  If the gloves are really dirty you can use a very light nonabrasive, non coloured dish soap.  If you do use soap, please make sure you change the water several times during the rinse as you work the soap out.  Soap cannot be left in the foam as it will cause the latex to separate.

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