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Source: CMSA

2017 Security Clearance Program Document form CMSA

We would like to remind all officials of the three step process to apply for a security clearance as well as some important changes to CMSA’s procedure. Please carefully read the information below.
HOW TO APPLY – The Three Step Process
CMSA requires all team officials listed on a CMSA roster to have a current and valid security clearance completed to ensure the safest possible environment for minor soccer players.

  • Step 1 –  Request a Letter
    • Volunteers listed on a team roster must request a volunteer letter from CMSA before applying for a clearance. Email Rachel at to receive your letter.
  • Step 2 – Apply online
    • After receiving your letter, begin your application.  CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Perform Police Information Check.
    • Note: you must apply online within two weeks of receiving your letter.
  • Step 3 – Share your results with CMSA
    • Once you have received notification from CPS that your application has been processed and completed, you must ‘SHARE’ this information with CMSA through CPS’ online system.
    • Note: You are not eligible to coach until you have shared the results online with CMSA.

Volunteer security clearances are free of charge to our officials through a program with Volunteer Alberta and government funding. Volunteer Alberta has been working hard to keep this program free and has asked our assistance to ensure coaches are following the process correctly and are not misusing the program. We have implemented the following changes to ensure the safety of our players and to help keep program costs down:

  1. Team officials must be assigned to a current team roster to apply for a security clearance and receive a volunteer letter from CMSA.
  2. CMSA will not provide additional letters to team officials who fail to complete the three step process.
  3. Team Officials that do not complete the three step process are ineligible to coach and must be crossed off the gamesheet. Volunteers will then be responsible for obtaining a clearance through Calgary/District Police Services at their own expense

If you have any further questions, please contact the CMSA office by email,, or by phone, 403-279-8686.

Thank you,
Calgary Minor Soccer