Information for coaches: U11 and up

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Team Rosters:

You’ll be provided with a roster which has a list of your players.  If any of the players on your roster have (INEL) beside their name, that means they’re missing either a proof of age or a signed waiver.  Our registrar will be using the Goalline Administration system to have those parents agree to the online waiver so you don’t have the do anything unless they don’t respond via email.  We’ll provide a list of players that need to submit a copy of their birth certificate to CMSA.

Team Schedule:

Your team schedule will available online either at or at as soon as the schedules are released from CMSA.  There will be a direct link to your team schedule on the Deerfoot web site off the Schedules menu.

Practice/Home Field:
Our field coordinator will contact you with your field assignment once they’ve been worked out.  If you have a preference for which evening, please contact as soon as you’ve signed up to coach so our field coordinator can try to accommodate you.

Photo ID cards:

All players U11 and up require a photo ID.  They go do this themselves but signing up here:  Calgary Minor Soccer Photo ID

There’s an online booking link where they can input their CMSA PlayerID so all your players need to know what their PlayerID is.

All team officials (coaches and assistant coaches) need a coach ID card, so if you don’t have one, then also schedule a time for yourself.  In order to get a CMSA Team Official ID card, you’ll need to have a valid CPIC on file with CMSA or in the process of applying for one through CMSA.

Our equipment coordinator will contact you with a scheduled time to pick up your team bag, which includes practice items, uniforms, game sheets, etc.


Referees: – This information is currently invalid, new information will be posted soon
It is the responsibility of the coaches to schedule a referee for home games.  Send an email to or call our referee coordinator at (403-xxx-xxx) at least 24 hours in advance of your game.  If you and the other coach reschedule a game due to bad weather, you MUST contact the Ref Coordinator so they can inform the assigned referee.

Members Area:
You will be given access to the Goalline System to enter game scores after your games have been played.  If the game has already been scored by the opposing coach, then you don’t have to do anything.

Coaching Issues:
If you need anything related to coaching, such as advice, practice plans, ideas, etc, contact and our Technical Director will contact you right away.  His job is to ensure you get the guidance and help you need to lead your team in an effective manner.