Old Jerseys to Players in Gambia

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Old Jerseys to Players in Gambia

We received a thank you email from Alieu Jawara, a local engineer who brought back some of our old uniforms for players in his home country of Gambia.  We’re very happy to see these old jerseys going to some very deserving players!

Hello Glen,

Please find attached just one photo I took while in Gambia. The ones taken with my camera didn’t turn out great as you can see but there are others who took photos and once I get them will be forwarding to you. People are extremely grateful for your generous gifts. I can’t explain in words what this means to everyone; not only the kids but the communities as a whole.

Thanks again very much and please extend my thanks to all those who contributed to this including of course the Deerfoot Soccer kids. Please think about making a trip to Gambia and get to meet the communities and have some fun and of course play soccer!



Barajally_Deerfoot_5 Old Jerseys to Players in Gambia


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