Equipment Policy

Soccer requires a minimal amount of equipment to play.  Below is DUFC’s equipment policy

  • All players must wear shin pads which are available from all sports shops including  Fisher’s Soccer Shack.
  • Shin pads are MANDATORY and must be warn at all games and practices.  If Shin pads are not warn by the players they will NOT be allowed to take part in games and practices.
  • Uniforms are provided by the club. At the end of season the uniform have to be returned to the club or a fine of $50 will be placed on your account that has to be paid before the following seasons registration.
  • Under 4, Under 6 and Under 8 may wear shorts/sweats, as required for weather conditions.
  • Footwear is not provided.
  • For Indoor season, footwear must have a non-marking sole.  For the Outdoor season, if soccer cleats (not mandatory) are used, they must be rubber and permanently attached, no steel allowed.
  • The rules of soccer do not allow for wearing of dangerous items which could cause injury to the wearer or other player such as jewellery, watches, and casts.
  • Hats may be worn by goalkeepers only.

Official team colours:

Our official team colors for our jerseys are:

  • Home: Blue
  • Away: White
  • Third: Black