Evaluation Process and Team Placement Policy

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Depending on the age group and tier, there will be a series of tryout sessions scheduled.  Some groups may have more sessions than others.

You will receive an email from the Club with the tryout time for your child.  Only go to those tryouts that you have received an invitation, via email, to attend.

Our Technical Director will oversee the tryouts. Other evaluators include DUFC coaches or other experienced coaches from outside the organization. None of the evaluators will be coaching at the age group they are evaluating nor will they be reviewing their own child.


Tryouts are only part of the team selection process, other factors are considered:

  • Coaches have provided a ranking for their players during the prior season
  • Technical staff have also watched many teams during the prior season and have made note of player performance
  • All of the above components make up the evaluation


Within 10 days of the completion of tryouts you will receive an email from the club coordinator with your teams information including contact information for the coaching team. Questions about team placement can be directed towards the coordinator at coordinator@dufc.ca

If evaluations are missed you child maybe placed on the lowest tired team in the appropriate age group.  You may request your child to be reviewed by our Tech Directory at a later date but at your expense of $100 if no more evaluation time is scheduled.

Due to deadlines placed on the club by CMSA evaluations may not occur on favourable dates for some players. Dates for evaluations will be posted on the website 3-4 weeks in advance.

Only registered players can participate in evaluations.


DUFC cannot and will not guarantee that:

  • teams will be entered for every age/gender group and at every level of play. This depends on registration numbers as well as sufficient volunteer team officials.
  • Team or player placement.
  • a player will end up on a specific team, with a specific friend, or a specific coach.

It is up to the clubs discretion where a player is placed