Payment Policy

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Preferred method of fee payment is online. If you want to pay by cheque, debit, or credit card please attend the in-person registration.

When using a subsidy to pay fees proof of application must be provided. Subsidy cannot be used for uniform deposits.

If a payment schedule is required to complete payment a parent/guardian must fill out and sign the payment schedule form.

For those players using a subsidy or a payment schedule a payment of 50% of the fees are due at time of registration. A player will not be placed on a roster or be permitted to participate in evaluations or preseason play if this amount is not paid.

If fees are not paid, or specific arrangements made, by the close of registration the registered player will not be permitted to take part in evaluations, will not be put onto a roster, and late registration fee of $50 will be added to the registration ($25 for house league registration).  See late registration fee section below


DUFC registration fees do not include the following expenses which may be applicable or desired by the teams or parents:

  • shin guards, and footwear
  • keeper gloves
  • MISC protective gear
  • tournament and travel expenses
  • team social events
  • additional practice fees
  • additional training and/or fitness sessions
  • additional fees that may apply for Tier I, II, III and IV teams