Field closure guideline

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Field closure and practice/game cancellation for house league teams

Field status will be updated on the DUFC website by 4pm on weekdays and by 9am and 4pm on weekends.

House league soccer will be cancelled for the following reasons:

  • if it is snowing – weather is colder the 5 degrees celsius. (Colder then 8 degrees celcius for U4 and U6)
  • if there is thunder and lightening
  • if the fields are too wet and will be damaged.
  • if the rain is heavy enough to cause disruption to the play

*** Unfortunately due to short seasons some games/practices may occur with light rain showers.

Cancelling a game/practice once it has started

Once the practice or game has started there is sometimes cause for the practice or game to end early. If there is thunder and lightning soccer must end immediately. This is up to the discretion of the coaches. The safety of the players is first priority.

Communicating with the house league teams

Coaches and parents are encouraged to check the field status on the website. The house league coordinator will send an email to the affected U8 coaches to communicate with their teams. The house league coordinator will send an email to the U4/U6 parents and coaches to inform them of the cancellation.

Rescheduling practices/games for DUFC house league teams

The house league coordinator will reschedule practices and game for the U4/U6 teams and email the parents/coaches with the new times.

U8 soccer coaches can request a different practice time if practice has been cancelled due to weather.

U8 house league soccer games will be rescheduled by the house league coordinator for the closest available day that works for both teams.