Outdoor 2017 How-To Reschedule a Game

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Outdoor 2017 How-To Reschedule a Game

Source: CMSA

Rescheduling due to field closure/weather and other requests

How-to reschedule a game

Rescheduling due to Field Closure/Inclement Weather

Note: Artificial Turf fields are considered ‘all-weather’ and closure will be at the discretion of the referee.

Other Rescheduling Requests

  • STEP 1: If you require a game to be rescheduled due to travelling to a tournament or a special event, the requesting team must send an email to rescheduling@calgaryminorsoccer.com stating the reason for the reschedule.
  • STEP 2: if the request has been approved, review and complete the CMSA Game Rescheduling Form: Other.
  • STEP 3: Send the completed form to rescheduling@calgaryminorsoccer.com no later than THREE FULL BUSINESS DAYS prior to the original game date OR prior to the rescheduled game date (whichever comes first).
  • STEP 4: Once approved, teams will receive a game update email and the game will be changed on the CMSA website. It is NOT approved until the website has been updated.

Note: Requests due to player vacation, injury and/or coach availability will not be approved. 

The CMSA Rescheduling Procedure can also be found online, HERE. Should you have any questions regarding game rescheduling, please contact the CMSA Office.


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