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What kind of volunteer roles are available with Deerfoot United FC?

Coaches and Assistant Coaches are always welcome, as are board members.

Here is a list of roles:

Coach – guides the development of the players throughout the season. Works with Assistant Coach to run drills, exercises, and scrimmages during practices. The Coach is ultimately responsible for having the team show up at games and helping the players have a great time. Experience is NOT necessary, only a desire to help our young players improve in soccer. Coaching materials, online videos, coaching clinics/seminars, are all provided at no cost.  Definitely one of the most rewarding of all volunteer roles.

Assistant Coach – helps the Coach with all of the above and steps in when the Coach is unavailable for a game/practice.

Team Manager – helps the coaches by communicating with the parents and arranging a snack schedule and a call-out parent to help with calling about schedule changes.

Age Group Coordinator – assists the Registrar with managing registrations, teams, rosters, and team officials for one or more age groups. AGCs are provided access to the CMSA online registration system to create rosters and manage player information. Attendance at board meetings is compulsory.

Registrar – responsible for all player, volunteer, and team official registrations for Deerfoot Socccer. Administrative access to the CMSA online registration system is provided, which enables the Registrar to track all members, teams, etc. Attendance at board meetings is compulsory.

Field Coordinator – prior to each season, the FC arranges for practice and game fields in Outdoor, and just practice gyms for indoor. Attendance at board meetings is compulsory.

Referee Coordinator – assigns referees for the Outdoor season, when clubs are responsible for home games. CMSA arranges for refs during the indoor season.

Equipment Coordinator – responsible for putting coaching equipment together, distributing uniforms, balls, goal posts, etc.

Board of Directors – consists of a President (past and current), 1st VP, 2nd VP, Registrar, Treasurer, Secretary, Field Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, Age Group Coordinators. The board meets about every 1-2 months during the season for planning, voting on motions, etc.

Casino Volunteer – Every year DUFC does a casino for fundraising.  If you are interested in helping with this please contact us at info@dufc.ca

Please visit our “Become a coach” page

IMPORTANT: All Parents are expected to attend practices and games, as well as hold a volunteer position on their child’s team or with the club.

Help us help your child love this game.

Please view the Coaching code of ethics and the Spectators code of ethics