Parents, we need your help

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Parents, we need your help

Hello Deerfoot United FC family.

I am not sure if you are all aware or not, but Deerfoot United FC operates as a Non Profit Club.

In these times, the subsidies that many of us are used to receiving are not coming through as they have in the past.  Both Jumpstart and Kidsport have lessened the amount that they offer in a calendar year which affects many families within our club.  This is where we as a club can help each other out.

We will be having some information come out at the beginning of the season regarding a poinsettia fundraiser to raise money for the club to help offset the short fall in payment from those that just cant make it happen today.  With this fundraising we will get roughly $5.00 back from every poinsettia sold.  On an average year we are seeking $5000 – $10,000 in additional support to offset what short comings we have in fees to ensure that kids have the chance to play.


This is where I will call on us as a team, we have roughly 250 kids registered for indoor, if I can get every family to sell 5 of the poinsettia that is $25 per family.  If everyone did there part we could raise $6000 to help these kids out.

You should be seeing something from Brianna Parkhill as soon as the season gets going.



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