Photo Day Schedule for Indoor 2016/17

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DUFC Photo Day Schedule

Please find below the DUFC Picture Day schedule.

Please have players arrive 15 minutes early to ensure that the whole team is there and ready to go at your start time. Pictures will only take 10 minutes.

They are being done at the Crossroads Community Center 1803 14th Ave NE on Sunday Nov 6th.

You will not be permitted into the main hall until your team is called to get ready. Therefor you will be outside until that time.

Please have your players dressed in: Jersey, Shorts, Socks and Indoor Soccer Shoes. Shin guards are not necessary.

Time Age Group Team Name
11:30 GU14 Tigers
11:40 BU12 Mojo
11:50 BU12 Kraken
12:00 GU12 Mystiqe
12:10 Break
12:20 U6 Rattlers
12:30 GU8 Nova
12:40 U6 Rockets
12:50 BU8 Speedball
1:00 Break
1:10 BU8 Shockwave
1:20 BU8 Starjammers
1:30 BU10 Majik
1:40 BU10 Mavericks
1:50 Break
2:00 BU10 Magnum
2:10 GU12 Eagles
2:20 BU12 Titans
2:30 BU14 Storm
2:40 GU16 Wildcats
2:50 GU16 Panthers
3:00 BU16 Eagles
3:10 BU16 Juventus
3:20 Break
3:30 BU18 Athletico
3:40 GU18 Falcons
3:50 BU18 Seagulls
4:00 BU14 Snipers

Take Care,
Brianna Parkhill
Coordinator Deerfoot United

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