PHOTO ID CARDS – Indoor 2017/18

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PHOTO ID CARDS – Indoor 2017/18



All CMSA players from U11 to U18 and all CMSA Team Officials for U9 to U18 teams require a valid CMSA Photo ID card. You must have a CMSA ID number to have a card printed, this number is generated by your club.

Players and team officials can obtain a CMSA photo ID card by visiting the CMSA office during regular office hours or by appointment during the dates listed below. The player/official must be present to receive their card as their photo will be taken.


  • New cards and replacement cards are $10.00
  • If your card has expired, there will be no cost for a new one if you bring in the expired card.

Extended hours for Photo ID Cards (by appointment only) are as follows:

Monday October 16 – Thursday October 194:00PM – 8:00PMCMSA Office
Saturday October 21 – Sunday October 2210:00AM – 5:00PMCalgary West Soccer Centre
Monday October 23 – Thursday October 264:00PM – 8:00PMCMSA Office
Saturday October 28 – Sunday October 2910:00AM – 5:00PMCMSA Office
Appointment bookings CLICK HERE


PlayersTeam Officials
All CMSA players from U11 to U18 require a valid CMSA Photo ID card. A referee may ask that these cards be handed in to him/her at the start of a game. If a player cannot present their ID card, that player will not be  allowed to participate in the game. Player Photo ID cards are valid for 4 years from the date of issue. Upon expiry, a player must acquire a new card at the CMSA office. Any player found using more than one (1), player ID card shall be suspended from all soccer activity until a CMSA Discipline hearing is held.All CMSA Team Officials for U9 to U18 teams require a valid CMSA Photo ID. All team official Photo ID cards are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Upon expiry, a team official must acquire a new card at the CMSA office. In the event that Team Officials for a specific team show up to a game without valid ID cards, they will be allowed to remain on the bench and the game will still be played, however, the referee will report the infraction on the CMSA game sheet for the purpose of review by the CMSA discipline committee. Teams are permitted to have one bench parent present at each game that does not require a photo ID card. The bench parent’s name must be listed on the game sheet.


All registered U10 players playing-up on a U12 team in a league game require a restricted movement pass, signed by one of their team officials or Club Board of Directors. This pass must be given to the team the player is playing-up with.  The pass, along with the game sheet is to be submitted to the Referee. Blank copies of the restricted movement pass can be downloaded from the CMSA website in the documents section.

IMPORTANT: You must register as a Player/Team Official with your local Soccer Club before coming down to the CMSA Office for an ID Card. If you have not yet been registered, CMSA will be unable to process your ID Card. Please see ‘How to Register my Child in Soccer’  for more information. 


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