PHOTO ID CARDS – Outdoor 2018

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PHOTO ID CARDS – Outdoor 2018


All CMSA players U11 to U19 and all CMSA team officials for U9 to U19 teams require a valid CMSA photo ID card

Your CMSA ID card must be present at the start of each game so that the referee can identify the players/coaches on the field.

Player cards are valid for 4 years and team official cards are valid for 3 years.

The cost for new cards or replacement cards is $10.00. If you have an old card that has expired, there is no cost for a new one if you bring in your expired card.

Players and team officials can obtain a CMSA photo ID card by visiting the CMSA office during regular office hours or by booking an appointment online. The individual must be present at the time of the visit as his/her picture will be taken and the card will be printed right away. Please ensure that you have been registered by a CMSA member-club and have a CMSA ID number prior to heading to the CMSA Office for a card.

Extended hours on evenings and weekends for photo ID card appointments are as follows: See link

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