Picture day for outdoor 2017 season

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Picture day for outdoor 2017 season

Good Afternoon DUFC Families,

This coming Saturday is Picture Day!

Our pictures will be held at Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre located @ 5600 Centre Street N between 10:30am-2:30pm. They will be taken in the old lobby which is where the arena is located, the sign above the door says 5600 room. If you don’t know your exact time please contact your coaches and manager.

We have requested a second day for those who can’t make it and if they are able to accommodate us we will advise the coaches.

Please have your players dressed in: black shorts, jersey, black socks and shoes.

The cost for the Team Pictures was included in your registration fees.

DUFC Team Pictures
10:40U4 Seahorses & Beavers
10:50U4 Dolphins & Wolves
11:00GU10 Silverfox
11:10BU10 Magik
11:20BU10 Mavericks
11:30U8 Shockwave
11:40U8 Speedballs
11:50GU12 Mystique
12:00GU16 Wildcats
12:10BU12 Kraken
12:20BU12 Titans
12:30BU12 Surge
12:40U6 Avengers & Aztecs
12:50U8 Nova
1:00U8 Nitro
1:10U8 Stringrays
1:20U6 Raiders & Hurricanes
1:30BU16 Juventus
1:40BU18 Atletico
1:50GU14 Tigers
2:00BU16 Eagles
2:10BU18 Seagulls
2:20BU14 Snipers

See you Saturday!

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