Practices gyms policy

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Practices gyms policy

Rules for teams that are practicing at school gyms.

  1. Parents: PLEASE do NOT leave your child at the school until you have confirmed that the child’s coach or manager is present in the building.
  2. Parents and Coaches: Players and children are NOT to be running around the hallways or ever left unattended in the schools.
  3. Coaches: DO NOT ever leave a player alone outside the schools waiting for a ride.  Stay with them until the ride arrives.
  4. Coaches: DO NOT let your players hammer the soccer balls at the walls.  It could cause damage to building, injury to players, and serves absolutely NO purpose as a soccer skill.
  5. Coaches: Respect the school and all decorations that maybe hung up in the gyms.  do NOT let your players damage or destroy any decoration in the building.



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