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BU15-III Snipers win gold at 2019 “Winter Classic”

Game 1: Win 5-2 Game 2: Win 5-0 Game 3: Win 3-1 Game 4 Gold Medal match: Win 1-0

BU15-III Snipers win Gold at 2018 Airdrie Summit Cup

With a record of 3-0 and letting in ZERO goals, our DUFC Snipers took Gold in the 2018 Summit Cup!  

Watch the amazing overhead kick goal scored by DUFC Sniper midfielder, #10 Hassan Younes

Down 2-3 during the teams last game at the 2018 Slush Cup in Edmonton, DUFC Sniper’s Midfielder, #10 Hassan Younes turns a broken play into a stunning overhead kick goal to tie it up 3-3

BU14-III Snipers first team in DUFC history to win 3 golds in a single season!

Winter Classic – Gold Slush Cup – Gold Regular Season – Gold One outstanding season!

BU14-III Snipers win Gold at 2018 Slush Cup

BU13-III DUFC Snipers win GOLD in Edmonton at the 2018 Slush Cup Group B Congrats to the first team in DUFC history to win 3 gold medals in a single season! The Tier 3 DUFC Snipers made the 3 hour trip up to Edmonton to take on their next challenge, Slush Cup. A massive tournament…
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