Take out the finger savers

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Take out the finger savers

I see a lot of coaches letting there young goal keepers use “finger savers” in gloves lately.  While they do serve a purpose to protect fingers that are sprained from further injury they should not be used regularly.  Finger savers, especially on young keepers or keepers with small hands, prevent the player from spreading there fingers enough to properly catch a ball as well as prevent a keeper from learning how to catch correctly instead of just deflecting a ball away.   Almost all professional keepers don’t use finger savers and have to face much harder shots then any youth keeper ever will.   Its about proper technique and not about improper equipment to make up for improper technique.


~Coach John Shiells

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  1. In most cases you’d find that professional ‘Keepers don’t wear protective gloves, like gloves with Finger-Save or Support Frame because they sacrifice control of the ball for protection. Thin gloves like the ones you’ve bought are more common in professional circles.

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