We are not just coaches, we are life skills teachers.

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We are not just coaches, we are life skills teachers.

There is a more important role coaches have that goes above and beyond directing herds of children around a soccer pitch and how to toe hack a ball properly.  As coaches, we are not just here to teach soccer skills but we are also role models, leaders, and teachers of of many other life skills that children need to learn as they become adults.

I personally consider that being a “child” is just training to be an adult.  Learning how to interact with others, being responsible, being on time, putting in your best effort, and being a team player all carry onto every aspect of being a fantastic and functional member of society.  As an adult, sometimes you may have to work with someone you don’t get along with, do you get to quit or treat that person badly?  When you’re late for work do you get in trouble or risk getting fired?  What happens when you don’t put your best effort into a task assigned to you?  Do you get rewarded for just showing up and giving minimal effort?  These are all qualities that coaches can teach our young players.

As Coaches we have to help our youth players understand how to interact respectively and correctly with others and let them know that treating other members of society or on their team is not an acceptable behavior.  Being responsible for their equipment, stressing the importance of arriving on time for games and practices, and putting 100% into everything they do will go a long way into making sure our youth become great adults and functional members of society.    Letting poor behaviors and lacking level of effort go unchecked demonstrates to youth that its OK to just do whatever you want to whoever you want and putting in minimal effort into things is OK, no matter how it may affect your teammates (or co workers) and future.

just being a participant in life is not enough…
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John A. Shiells – Coach DUFC Seagulls

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