WOC #8 Catch Them Being Good with Olympic and World Cup Champion Coach Tony DiCicco

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WOC #8 Catch Them Being Good with Olympic and World Cup Champion Coach Tony DiCicco

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Tony DiCicco is the former Head Coach of the US Women’s National and Olympic Soccer Teams, as well as the US U20 Women’s National Team.  He coached the US National Team to their famous victory in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup Championship, the largest women’s sporting event in history. In 1996, he coached the US Women’s Olympic Team to the first ever Gold Medal in Women’s Soccer. In 2008, in his return to international soccer, he coached the US to the FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup Championship in Chile. Tony DiCicco is not only the most successful US National Team Coach of all time, but he is a person who understands a thing or two about building culture, team dynamics, and leadership.

Tony is also the President, Founder and Technical Director of SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School and SoccerPlus FieldPlayer Academy.  In this information-packed podcast, Tony discusses the characteristic of players such as Michele Akers, Julie Foudy, Kristine Lilly, Joy Fawcett, and others. He also talks about a special characteristic that made Mia Hamm great, how to get athlete buy-in, the importance of a team-first mentality, and some of the defining moments of his career.

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How to find Tony:
His website: https://www.soccerplus.org
His email: Tony@soccerplus.org
His Twitter: @tonysocc

Show Notes:

5:30 How (and when) Tony got into coaching

9:15 Tony explains how to get athlete buy-in

16:15 What really makes Mia Hamm so special

20:00 Can you cut a player and help her career?

27:15 What must the US do to produce high-quality players

32:15 Winning does not equal development

40:00 Every kid has a path

46:00 Did Tony coach his own children?

48:00 Tony’s Rule of One Moments

54:30 Tonys Coaching Philosophy

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